A few decades ago, having an antenna on your house was considered as a useful thing. The attached antenna was big in size and needed timely attention for the fixing. The user needs professional help for most of the time to repair or adjust this metallic structure that captures and transmits radio electromagnetic waves. 

Today, the scenario has been changed. The antennas come in all shapes and sizes. The smallest antenna helps you to watch TV or listening to the radio, and the biggest one can be found capturing signals from the satellites. Fortunately, you can adjust, update, and even upgrade the antennas at home with the help of various articles.

Antennabasics publishes write-ups and many step-by-step guides to set up, repair, or fix different types of antennas all by yourself. Starting from the car antennas to TV reception or indoor scanner antennas, you can understand and solve the issues with the help of our articles. 

We have a team of experts and professionals who can give answers to your questions in the most understandable and accessible language. Not only about the antennas, but you can also get some related blogs about FM signals, sensors, 5G communication, metamaterial, electromagnetic band-gap structure, and many more. 

You can also post your comments or directly email us if you have some queries regarding types of antennas or how specific signals work! We want to create a community of antenna lovers and grow this site as the all-in-one solution website, from which you can get valuable advice and information. Stay attached to antennabasics.

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