Best FTA Receivers For Dish Network – Expert Choices For The Year

FTA systems are among our favorite inventions because they make many channels accessible to us. These systems can recognize any free-to-air channels that are not encrypted and direct them to your TV. All you need is an FTV receiver to get started.

Best FTA Receiver For Dish Network – Buyer’s Guide

They may seem simple but FTA receivers are quite complex. Their complexity can make the buying process quite tedious. That is why we are here to help with some pointers.

  • There are 3 main types of FTA receivers – digital, HD, and standard. You can choose any of them based on your requirements. The price varies as well. Our vote goes to digital products and HD receivers.
  • Choose one with USB connectivity so that you can make the application flexible. A USB cable will help you with add-ons such as home theaters, iPods, and computers.
  • The quality of the FTA receiver matters a lot and we advise that you do not compromise on it. Good quality receivers will provide crystal clear reception and great range. 
  • Another feature that’s good to have is multi-screen support. It will save you the trouble of having to buy multiple receivers if you have more than 1 screen.

Editor’s Choice

We understand that just a buying guide will not give you all the assistance you need. That is why we have shortlisted some of the best options on the market today. All these have been tried and tested by our experts.

1. GT MEDIA V8 Satellite Finder Meter – FTA Receiver

The GT MEDIA Satellite Finder Meter is a complete kit that promises high performance and ease of usage. Its main features have been enlisted below:

  • GT MEDIA V8 Satellite Finder MeterThe receiver has a 3.5-inch LCD screen, complete with an anti-flicker function.
  • Its SAT digital locator can find all satellites quickly through a blind scan.
  • It supports S2X, S2, and DVB-S signal measurements. 
  • The demodulation is H.264 multi-standard and decoding.
  • It works on a lithium ion battery that provides 4 hours of uninterrupted usage.
  • Usage is quite intuitive and you can configure channels very easily.
  • Easy to use
  • Catches signal very quickly
  • You may need to make a few adjustments
  • No documentation


2. GT MEDIA V8 UHD 4K Ultra HD Digital Satellite FTA Receiver

GT MEDIA seems to be leading the race of FTA receivers. That’s why it has multiple products on our list. Let’s find out more about this particular model:

  • GT MEDIA V8 UHD 4K Ultra HD Digital Satellite This one’s a 4K UHD receiver with built-in Wi-Fi.
  • It fully complies with different cables such as T2, DVB-T, S2X, S2, and DVB-S.
  • It has a smart card reader that allows you to work with other receivers as well, as long as they are in the same network.
  • The receiver has a DLNA function that works to transmit data from phones and computers to the TV.
  • It can detect up to 6000 channels.
  • It is powered by the Dual-core MIPS74kf processor that makes it a multi-format decoder.
  • Includes a remote, HDMI cable, and the required adapter
  • Mobile viewing is supported
  • You can change channels remotely
  • Channels are not captioned
  • Volume control is faulty


3. Mingbao New Full Free To Air FTA HD Smart Digital Satellite TV Receiver

Fairly priced and easy to use, the Mingbao receiver comes with everything you could ask for. It comes with everything you need to set the connection up. Its features are as follows:

  • Mingbao New Full Free This is a DVB compliant system and supports H.264, AVS, MPEG-4, and MPEG-2.
  • With this receiver, you can conduct a full blind search on various satellites or a single satellite based on your needs.
  • It allows auto search as well as manual search.
  • You have all the controls with you, with this excellent device. 
  • Lock, delete, skip, move, and rename are some of the controls offered.
  • It has HDMI and USB connectivity
  • Easy to use and setup
  • Initial setup and adjustments may be needed


4. GT MEDIA V8X HD Digital Satellite Receiver

If you are looking for extensive connectivity on your receiver, we recommend that you check this model out. It is from the trustable GT MEDIA and has quite a few attractive features:

  • GT MEDIA V8X HD Digital It comes with a USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and HDMI.
  • The CA card reader will let you connect with other receivers as long as they are on the same network. This will enable you to use the system in your entire house.
  • It has a Wi-Fi module and it supports 3G dongle.
  • With this, you can automatically search the network for about 6000 channels.
  • Its electronic program guide has 7-day support. It also gives you various edit functions.
  • With the USB port you can upgrade the software as and when required.
  • Works as expected
  • Easy to setup
  • You may not be able to record full length programs


5. GT MEDIA V7S2X HD FT Receiver

The last one on our list is the V7S2X receiver from GT Media. It is a digital TV satellite receiver with multiple functions that you will like. Let’s take a look:

  • GT MEDIA V7S2XIt supports S2X, S2, DVB-S, multi-stream, BISS auto roll, etc.
  • The receiver comes ready to use. You just have to plug it in and start.
  • It has various satellite lists for you to choose from.
  • You can connect to the Wi-Fi to watch YouTube and other streams.
  • The USB port extends its connectivity. You can also update the firmware with the USB flash drive when needed.
  • Saves programs automatically
  • Very sensitive receiver
  • The BISS auto roll is not perfect



FTA receivers are excellent devices that can help you explore various channels for your dish network. They are affordable and easy to use, but you should be careful while purchasing because there are quite a few low quality ones on the market. We hope our article helps you weed them out and choose the best. 

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