Best Antenna For Yaesu FTM 400XDR – Top Reviews Of 2022

The Yaesu FTM-400XDR is quite a good HT radio. It is loved by hobbyists and pros alike because of its range and flexibility. 

Best Antenna For Yaesu FTM 400XDR

What’s a radio without a good antenna, though? Nothing. All radios require a high-quality antenna that can help you communicate smoothly. Yaesu FTM-400XDR is no exception. But, its default is something of a disappointment. It is a standard antenna that meets OEM specifications. There’s nothing very special about it. To start off with, this is a good bet but you will want to upgrade very soon. Whip-type aftermarket antennas have proven to be more reliable and flexible than built-in antennas. 

Benefits Of Buying Aftermarket Antennas

When you compare the stock antenna of Yaesu FTM-400XDR and third-party antennas, you will see significant differences. Some of them are as follows:

  • Better communication
  • Performance-driven 
  • Durable
  • Excellent reception capacity 

Due to these factors and more, you should seriously consider upgrading.

Editor’s Choice

From the many available options, our experts have shortlisted some of the best antennas that you can purchase for your Yaesu FTM-400XDR. All these recommendations are from our experts who have spent time and effort in research and review. Let’s take a look:

1. Tram 1180 Pre-Tuned Antenna

The Tram antenna measures 36.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches. It is pre-tuned so that you use it right out of the box. Read on to know more:

  • Tram 1180 Pre-Tuned AntennaThe actual gain on this antenna is 2.4 Dbd on ½ wave on VHF. If you are using it on UHF, the gain will be 4.5 dBA.
  • The black base and the stainless steel whip are very flexible and reliable.
  • Its power rating is 150W.
  • It works in a frequency of 144 MHz to 148 MHz in VHF. For UHF, it works in 430 MHz to 450 MHz.
  • This is an amateur, dual-band antenna.
  • It promises excellent durability, functionality, and performance.
  • The magnetic base is very strong.
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Good whip length – 36.5 inches
  • Quite narrow for SWR



2. TC-R811 SMA Male Dual Band Antenna

The TC-R811 antenna is another whip-type model. Its whip is soft and very flexible. Its features are as follows:

  • TC-R811 SMA Male Dual Band AntennaThe antenna is compatible with most two-way and portable radios.
  • You can expect a gain of around 2.15 dBi and the maximum power will be 10W.
  • The impedance is 50 Ohm while the VSWR is > 1.5.
  • The total coverage of the antenna is 70 cm while the whip measures 20.4 cm.
  • It works well to establish communication and give you great reception.
  • Good value for money
  • High flexibility and durability
  • Slightly difficult to set up
  • SWR is not very satisfactory



3. CA-2X4SRB Mobile Antenna

Here’s another 70 cm antenna that’s flexible and versatile. It is recommended by many experts because it performs well and has good features such as the following:

  • CA-2X4SRB Mobile AntennaIt works very well on UHF and VHF, providing good coverage and gain.
  • The antenna has a black anodized finish.
  • It has RX and TX capabilities on both bands.
  • The broadband antenna works on FRS, land mobile, and ham radio frequencies.
  • Its length is 40 inches.
  • Good listener
  • Works as expected for VHF and UHF.
  • Expensive
  • Can break easily and is not repairable



4. Comet SBB-7NMO Antenna

Comet has a few very good antennas in the market. That is why this is our second recommendation from the brand. Here’s why you should consider buying it:

  • Comet SBB-7NMO AntennaIts coverage is 2M/70cm.
  • The antenna is dual-band with an NMO connector.
  • The total length is 55 inches.
  • Its maximum power is 70 watts.
  • It has a fold-over pivot base that provides stability.
  • Its vertical gain is 4.5 dBi for VHF and 7.2 dBi for UHF.
  • NMO connector
  • Affordable
  • Maximum power is less than the others


5. Authentic Genuine Nagoya NA-320A Triband HT Antenna

Let’s close with an Amazon’s Choice product! This HT antenna has all the features you are looking for and is quite reasonably priced. Below are a few highlights:

  • Authentic Genuine Nagoya NA-320A Triband HT AntennaThis is a high quality antenna designed for amateur use.
  • It is pre-tuned and configured for a specific frequency range (220 MHz band for VHF).
  • The antenna is extremely popular among truckers, ham radio operators, and rescue teams.
  • It is compatible with 0.7m, 1.25m, and 2m bands.
  • The gain you can expect is around +2.15 dBi.
  • Its height is 17.7 inches when fully extended.
  • Wide compatibility
  • High quality whip that provides good signal
  • The magnet is not the strongest




Buying an antenna for Yaesu FTM-400XDR can be quite confusing because there are many parameters that one should look at. However, if you go through our list, you will get the required information to proceed with the antenna you like best. Make sure you compare them all before zeroing in on one. All the best!

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