Mohu Air 60 vs Sky 60 – Which One Is Better In 2022?

Welcome to the world of antennas! This world is exciting, interesting, and fascinating. There’s so much to see and learn that you will never be tired. 

Today going to head-to-head are popular antennas that have many happy users – Mohu Air 60 and Mohu Sky 60. They are good antennas from the same company, which is why choosing one is often confusing. Don’t worry, though. We are here to help.

Mohu Air 60 Vs Sky 60 – The Features

To start off with, we shall speak about the biggest familiarity between these two antennas. They both have the number 60 in their name. 60 indicates their range, which is 60 miles.

Mohu Air 60

  • Mohu Air 60This is a large antenna with a rabbit-ear design
  • Installation is quite straightforward and fast
  • It works very well to catch weak VHF channels
  • It provides HDTV quality resolution
  • This antenna is very big and provides excellent coverage
  • It is a multi-directional antenna, which means that it provides signals in different directions
  • It delivers FM signals
  • It is suitable for almost all types of surroundings


Mohu Sky 60

  • Mohu Sky 60This antenna is suitable for attics, rooftops, and stucco houses
  • You can install it very quickly
  • This antenna also provides HDTV resolution, which leads to crystal clear channels
  • It is a great antenna with a digital amplifier that gives you better than expected picture
  • Even though its range is 60 miles, it is powerful enough to go beyond. Some have gotten good results even at 70 miles.
  • It has the ability to pick up UHF and VHF signals
  • You can use USB or AC power to transmit signals 
  • It is suitable for homes that have metallic devices around them

Mohu Air 60 Vs Sky 60 – The Verdict

These antennas are very good when it comes to function and feasibility. Some of their features are the same as well. However, they differ in multiple aspects. That is why there cannot be one clear winner in this race. If all the features are overwhelming, you should just look at one – the surroundings of your home. If you live in areas with many metallic devices, you can go for Mohu Sky 60. For other areas, Mohu Air 60 is a safe bet. 

We hope our comparison gave you a good idea about Mohu Air 60 and Mohu Sky 60, enabling you to make a wiser decision. If you have any more doubts or questions, feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to help.

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