How to Get TV Reception in a Metal Building – Improve Antenna Signal

Imagine a situation when you had a really long day at work and badly need something relaxing. Only a hot cup of coffee and your favorite TV show can cheer you up. But, as soon as you turn on your television, you find out that it is difficult to connect to a clear signal. How will you feel then? Bad and literally irritated. Right? Well, this scenario is quite common when you live inside a building that includes significant metal components. You may get connectivity issues when your TV is programmed through an antenna. 

How to Get TV Reception in a Metal Building?

The reason behind such disrupted connections is the combination of metal and antenna. The building’s metal reflects the TV signal away, which eventually causes the loss of programming. Although you can’t change your home, there are a few ideas that may help you to get TV reception in a metal building. Follow the step by step guide given below to solve the connectivity issues.

Step 1: Use Amplified Antenna

Amplified Antenna

The typical antenna does not work well when you use them to program the television placed inside a metal building. Get an amplified antenna. It needs power but at least works well to get better signals. It can help the receiver with the programming even before the signal actually reaches the metal siding. So, try to find and replace your old antennas with the amplified antenna.

Step 2: Move the Antenna

This idea is quite common. Have you ever tried patting the remotes or phones when they are not working correctly? Of course, you have! Well, just like that, this step is the most typical and old school. If you are unable to get signals from the antenna, try to move it towards the window. You can also move the television along with the antenna. It’s because any signal travels smoothly through a glass window. So, when you try something like this idea, there are chances to receive a clear picture just by moving the TV and antenna a bit to the windows.

Step 3: Adjust Your Antenna 

It is essential to adjust your antenna to fit each station. You might be aware of the fact that there are different signals for each TV or Radio station. So, it’s better to adjust the frequency and antenna accordingly if you want to have a clearer image and best audio. 

Step 4: Keep the Antenna Outside

Keep the Antenna OutsideNothing can beat this idea. If you have a balcony or open terrace, keep the antenna outside and connect it to the television inside. You can use a rooftop antenna and place it out on the patio area or a deck. If you are not sure how to connect the antenna to the television, then use a long coaxial cable and attach both devices. This idea completely removes the problem of metal building or siding. It can also help you to increase the frequency of the signal by reflecting it from the metal building into your antenna.

Step 5: Find a Suitable Location for Antenna on Terrace

Antenna on TerraceThis step is quite challenging to achieve, but you can at least try. Carefully, climb to the top of the building if possible and find a suitable location for an antenna. It would be great if you can find the highest point to place your antenna. Before you start this process, it is essential to read about your local rules and restriction on keeping antennas and using broadcasting networks. Also, as it is a risky process and related to heights, you must take professional help to set up your antennas.

These are the most common and quite lovable ideas to get a TV or a radio reception in a metal building. Many times even the most professional antenna can’t avoid disturbance of the picture or the audio on your TV set. You may also face issues in cellular networks or phone signals while living in the buildings made with heaps of metal. Try the ideas mentioned above if possible, and get rid of bad signals and antenna-related difficulties.

How to Get Radio Reception in a Metal Building?

Radio frequencies generally suffer because of the antenna that picks up a distant television station with bad or weak signals. You can quickly boost such networks or signals with an antenna amplifier. Apart from that, you can also try some other ideas such as relocating the radio and putting it near the windows, adjusting or modifying the antenna, etc. 

If you don’t get satisfying results after trying these ideas, then it’s time to attach a new amplified indoor antenna that can boost the signal before it reaches to your radio. Creating an indoor or outdoor antenna can also work out well. If you don’t want to invest in the new antenna, using a metal building as an antenna may work. Try some old antenna as the easiest fix of this problem.

Even after trying all these ideas mentioned above, if the frequency or network of your TV/Radio doesn’t get fixed, it’s time to change your beloved devices. Invest in something new and live peacefully. I hope you got all the needed information you were looking for! Enjoy your favorite dish while watching your favorite show.

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  1. The easiest solution is to put ANY antenna outside.
    Even the worst outside antenna will easily outperform the best indoor antenna.

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