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A true Harley Davidson rider will always look at various options to make this beast more powerful and aesthetic. Stylizing the motorcycle with accessories and more functions adds a sturdy look and extra performance to the vehicle. The hidden antenna provides the best radio signals despite being hidden. If you have an ODC of not adding extra to your bike and keeping it simple yet effective, then you must have a hidden antenna with the best radio signals. The hidden antenna will not hamper the beauty yet, at the same time, fulfill the duty of AM/FM devices. 

Here is an article for all the lovers of Harley Davidson, and below are the reviews of the top five best hidden antenna Harley Davidson.

Best Hidden Antenna Harley Davidson

1. Kuryakyn Hidden Antenna for Harley-Davidson


Kuryakyn is known for its magnificent product, and especially the tune trapper is a hidden antenna for Harley Davidson. Not only Harley Davidson, but this antenna is also compatible with various other Indian, Victory motorcycles. It is a hidden AM/HD/FM/WB antenna that works perfectly on Harley Davidson’s vehicle. The antennas can be mounted anywhere as they are flexible and can be bent up to 10 to 20 degrees completely. Have a look at the detailed specifications below:

Key Feature:

  • It is a full half-ave helical dipole antenna.
  • The antenna is hand-tuned for better resonance attached to special instruments. 
  • One of the most important parts is that it does not ground.
  •  It is a hidden AM/FM/HD/WB antenna that you can mount anywhere in your Harley Davidson. 
  • These antennas are also compatible with a boat and other vehicles. 
  • Apart from this, they are the bendable antenna for 10-20 degrees. 
  • The Kurykun antenna uses a 95% braided shield cable to eliminate the noise due to fans, wipers, and engines. 
  • The package includes one white antenna with a black cable. 
  • The measurement of the antenna is 2 inches, and the cable is 2 inches.
  •  The Kuryakyn Antenna is compatible with Harley Davidson, Electra glides, road glides, street glides, and tri glides.


2. AntennaMastsRus Hidden Style Antenna 


Are you looking for a cool customized antenna with extra power for your beast? AntennaMastsRus is the best hidden AM/FM antenna that satisfies all your needs. It has 1 +16db AM/FM to target the signal straight. To find the best fit, you can attach the antenna with the boat, Hot rods, Harley Davidson, and tractors. Now look at the below features below and know more:

Key Feature:

  • It has a 16db AM/FM amplifier that gives a strong reception as an outcome.
  • This hidden antenna can easily stick at the vehicle as it has a peel and stick feature for custom mounting. 
  • It also has an instruction booklet attached to the package. 
  • The Antenna is 13*⅜ inch wide with 107” Motorola reception wire attached.
  • It is compatible with Harley Davidson, motorcycles, Camper, Trailer, and recreational vehicles too. 
  • AntennaMastsRus offers a 1-year warranty on purchase so you can try your hands on this one. 
  • This Universal hidden antenna is undoubtedly one to purchase because of its unique features and functions.


3. J&M Corporation Antenna


The J&M corporation hidden antenna is one of the best radio antennas for Harley Davidson. It fit almost every model from 1989-2013. This new passive version provides accurate reception performance at an affordable rate. Apart from this, J&M Corporation has years of expertise and skills that made them build this hidden antenna with utter easy installation. There is no extra wire for fixing all that you need to do is use the double-sided tape that comes into the packaging and attach the antenna to the vehicle with it. So what are you waiting for? Read below!

Key Feature:

  • The J&M Corporation antenna eliminates the rear mount on Harley Davidson.
  • It is made from a premium quality copper coaxial cable with a wound loaded coil and a wire stringer. 
  • It is a maximum durable antenna with high-performance consistency. 
  • The package has a complete plug along with a play kit of instructions. 
  • This hidden antenna will surely improve signal reception for your vehicle.
  • It is compatible with all the models of Harley Davidson from 1989-2013. 
  • This antenna works like touring models with AM FM radio.


4. GF-LINK Hidden Antenna Harley-Davidson


GF-Link is one of the best suppliers for hidden antennas and that too for cars and motorcycles. This particular product has a full amplifier kit attached to the antenna. The kit helps to get better accuracy and sound signals. The AM/FM radio to the vehicle has improved strength and flexibility. It has a velcro mounting for easy installing and fixing the antenna at a particular place in your vehicle. Now let’s have a look at the detailed specifications below:

Key Features:

  • The GF Link hidden antenna is a full amplified kit with AM/FM radio for your vehicle. 
  • This antenna has an amplifier attached to the antenna. 
  • It is a magnified radio antenna that can connect up to 24 miles when placed indoors.
  • If you place the antenna outdoors on a vehicle, then it can connect up to 9 feet with its coaxial cable. 
  • The estimated length of the antenna is 9 feet long, and the size of the antenna is 44*57*1.66mm.
  • The most important feature that makes this antenna stand apart is the velcro mounting. This helps the user to adjust the location of the antenna as per the need. 
  • It is best suited for motorcycles, cars, hot rods, golf carts, and Harley Davidson.


5. Krator Hidden Antenna Harley-Davidson


Your search for the most reasonable hidden antenna for Harley Davidson ends here. The hidden antenna from Krator has an amplified design that covers FM/WB reception along with all broadcasting radio. The length of the cable is 102 inches long that can be used to attach with absolute flexibility. Also, the installation is not tiresome and is super easy. The package includes a hook and loop that helps one for fastening the mount and adjusting the antenna too. So have a look at the amazing features of the Krator hidden antenna of your Harley Davidson. 

Key Features:

  • The Krator hidden antenna has enhanced looks with its smoke turn signal lenses. 
  • It is truly easy to install and fix in your vehicle. 
  • The lenses replace the stock lens instruction through its unique feature. 
  • No extra hardware is needed while installation.
  • It is manufactured from china and is guaranteed to have a long life. 
  • The Krator antennas are compatible with Harley Davidson and many other bikes. 


It is not that tough to choose the best one, right? Well, in my opinion, all the five products are best and perfectly suited for your Harley Davidson. Also, you can choose the hidden antenna according to your purpose and looking after all the detailed features that would help you choose one. Nevertheless, I am sure you will find your ideal match and won’t delay grabbing one for your beast. Till then, keep riding and keep having fun!

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