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How to aim a Yagi antenna – Easy steps to connect your Yagi antenna

The Yagi antenna is a blessing for anyone who is suffering due to weak Wi-Fi and cell phone signals at home. This directional antenna can solve your problem in a jiffy and let you enjoy seamless connectivity. 

The important point to note here is that it requires precision. You must be able to aim it directly to the source for it to give you excellent results. If you fail to do so, the reception won’t be any better. To help you understand the working of the Yagi antenna and how to aim it properly, we have penned this guide down. Make sure you go through it before starting the installation process!

What is a Yagi antenna?

This is a directional antenna that works to improve radiation in one direction. It can either transmit or receive energy. 

These antennae are used for a variety of purposes at home and industrially. They boost Wi-Fi and cell signals, which is why they are handy in remote areas. Industrially, they find their place in radars or ham radio. A few people use them to improve television reception as well.

How does it work?

There are 4 pieces in the antenna that you should be aware of. They are –

  • Driven element: This is where the feed line is attached. It helps transfer the power to the antenna.
  • Line: The line holds the reflectors and directors.
  • Director: The director is required to provide power and gain to the antenna. 
  • Reflector: It reflects and rejects any signal that’s out of range.

All these pieces work together to make the Yagi antenna more functional and efficient than omnidirectional antennae. They are known to be three times more powerful.

How to aim a Yagi antenna

Kindly follow the steps below to rightly aim your Yagi antenna –

  1. Mount it such that it is horizontal but all its elements are vertical. In other words, they should be straight.
  2. Find the targeted signal source and point your antenna directly to it. Your line must also be unobstructed. This may take a while but please do so patiently.
  3. Use a coaxial cable or an external adapter to connect your cell phone to the antenna.
  4. Change the setting on your phone to Test Mode. 
  5. Check the signal strength on your phone and note it down.
  6. Now, move the antenna by 10 degrees and wait for your phone to update. 
  7. Check the signal strength again.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 a few times until you find the best reception.

You may also find pole mounting kits that are very easy to install. They help aim the antenna quickly and with minimal hassle. You can purchase one of these if you are not sure about the manual process.

Yagi Antenna

How to connect Yagi antenna to cell phone

This is quite easy! You just need a coaxial cable to connect. You can alternatively use an external adapter and connect the phone in seconds.

Things to remember about Yagi antenna

During the installation process, you must be absolutely sure not to put it near electrical power lines. The antenna should not come in touch with them under any circumstances.

Also, the Yagi antenna must have at least 3 feet of clearance around it. While testing it, you should ensure that you are not touching it either. Physical touch may interfere with the signal.

There you go! We hope this guide has answered all your questions. If you have any more, please feel free to comment. We will update our list accordingly.

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