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How to tune a CB antenna without an SWR meter – Easy-to-follow steps

A CB antenna is for the CB radio that is otherwise known as Citizen’s Band radio. 

CB radio users will vouch for this – the signal just disappears sometimes. It is working great one moment, and the next moment, you are receiving nothing! Well, that’s a common problem with a very simple solution. You simply need to tune your CB antenna. 

Tuning the antenna will ensure consistent reception and avoid interference. Badly tuned antennae, on the other hand, are very hard to deal with. We know of users who get frustrated because they are unable to tune it properly and continue suffering with poor results. 

Now, when you think of tuning a CB antenna, you will think about the tools required, and the first one that will come to your mind is the SWR meter

What if you don’t have it? Don’t worry!

While the SWR meter is important, there are ways tune without it, and that’s exactly what we shall help you with today.

How to tune a CB antenna without an SWR meter

You will need:

  • An additional CB radio
  • A partner
  • A microphone

Please follow these steps and you won’t miss the SWR meter at all.

  1. Gather everything you need. When you don’t have an SWR meter, you will need another CB radio. Make sure you have it with you. Also, the antenna you are tuning must have a plastic cap on the tip. This is really important. If the cap is absent, you may not be able to tune it at all.
  2. Head over to the outside – in the open. If you can find an open field near your house, please go there. This will help avoid interference from devices, buildings, cars, etc. Some individuals prefer going out of town to tune their antenna. 
  3. Close the doors and windows of your car. Make sure the hood is closed as well.
  4. Now, the second CB radio should be slightly away from your CB radio. To make this easy, make sure you have a partner to assist. 
  5. Choose the channel you want to use to tune your CB antenna.
  6. Find a connection between the two CB radios. 
  7. This is the point when you need a microphone. Talk into the microphone and you will be able to set up the connection. Talk into the CB radio, and the second CB radio will catch it. Adjust the antenna if you are not satisfied with the reception. Keep trying until it works well. 

That’s about it!

Remember that this may take a few tries. So, be patient and don’t get worked up. Once you tune your CB antenna, you will be able to enjoy your favorite channels without any hassle. Oh, what a wonderful life it will be then! ☺

If you have any doubts regarding the steps or if you are unable to follow the guide, please get in touch with us. Leave a comment, and we will address your concern as soon as possible.

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