SO239 Vs PL259 – Which one is perfect for you?

The world of coax adapters and connectors is wide and deep. There are so many different cables on the market today that you are bound to ask – what’s the difference, really?

We feel you!

That is why we are here to answer a very popular question.

SO239 Vs PL259 – which one should you go for?

The confusion here arises because both these connectors are called UHF connectors. So, is there any difference at all? Can they be used interchangeably?

The answer is no. This is because SO239 and PL259 together form the UHF connector. They are a part each of the actual connector because one is female and the other is male.


SO239SO239 is popularly called the UHF female connector. It is popularly used for base amateur radio and mobile rigs. 


PL259The PL259, on the other hand, is the UHF male connector. It will be useful for you if you have a ham shack and would like to interconnect antennas and equipment

There are 2 sub-types of PL259 or the UHF male. The basic one is used with RG-58 cables. It is lighter and has similar applications. The other one is suitable for RG-213, RG-8, and other braided cables.

SO239 or PL259 – Final verdict

There’s no competition between the two. They are both important and are usually used together for various applications. If you need a PL259 connector for some purpose, you can be sure that the other end of the connector is SO239. It is the same vice versa as well. 

The UHF female usually is seen on the radio itself while the male connector is on the cable. This is an easy way to identify them. When the two are used together, they form a single connection, which is called the UHF connection.

People also ask

1) Which is better – RG8 or RG58?

RG8 provides a stronger signal than RG58. It is thicker and more efficient.

2) Are N connectors waterproof?

Yes, they are waterproof.

3) How do you solder an SO239 connector?

You have to solder the conductor on the inside. Start there and move to the center of the pin.

4) Is PL259 the same as SO239?

No, they are male and female UHF connectors.

5) What is the diameter of a PL259?

It is usually 18mm.

6) What is the coaxial cable connector commonly used on test equipment?

BNC connectors.


We hope you now understand the applications of SO239 and PL259 connectors. In all likelihood, you will be using them together anyway. If you have any more doubts or questions, please feel free to write to us.

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