PWR (dBm) Measuring Device – How To Measure TV Antenna Signal Strength

How strong is your TV antenna signal? It is important to be aware so that you know whether you are receiving the full strength or if there’s a problem. Oftentimes, we think our signal is strong but the truth is the opposite.

Pwr (dBm) Measuring Device

Having this piece of information can help you troubleshoot and get better strength as and when the need arises.

What is Pwr(dBm)?

You will come across these units quite a few times because this is the unit of measurement of the signal strength. Alongside, you will also need to get a reading of the NM(db), which determines whether the signal you are receiving is clean. 

The market has some reliable Pwr(dBm) measuring devices that you can purchase to make the job easy.

How To Measure TV Antenna Signal Strength

Once you purchase the Pwr(dBm) measuring device, you can follow the steps below to measure the signal strength of your TV antenna. You may also buy an NM(db) device to check how clean the signal is.

  • Pwr (dBm) MeasuringSwitch off the TV and disconnect the coax cable. Remove it from the antenna as well.
  • One end of the coax will be an F connector. This one should be inserted into the input plug of your measuring device.
  • Now, switch the device on and tune it to catch the lowest channel being broadcasted locally. Note the result down.
  • Keep tuning until you get the best strength and use a compass to determine which direction the signal is coming from. Note this reading down as well.
  • Repeat the process for every single channel from the lowest to the highest. Every result should be noted.
  • Now, remove the coax from your measuring device and plug it into the NM(db) device.
  • Measure and note the readings from the lowest broadcasted channel to the highest using the same method.
  • With all the readings you collected, calculate the average. This is the optimal signal direction and strength.


Of course, you can hire a professional to help you through this process but keeping these devices handy will help you measure quickly and get the readings. We hope this article helped. In case there are further doubts, please let us know.

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