RV TV Antenna Not Working – Antenna Repair Guide by Expert

People living in their RVs often struggle with issues related to TV antenna reception and more. If you are someone who is struggling with such an issue or if you want to know the process of fixing it beforehand for such problems, then this blog will be of great help to you. It should be noted that fixing RV TV reception problems is not going to be a cakewalk and you might need to find out the factor that is actually creating issues. But don’t worry, I will help you with fixing your antenna problems by giving you the list of things that can affect its working and reception.

RV TV Antenna Not Working

I will mention all the potential problems that can cause bad reception or no signal for the antenna so that you can go through all the issues and fix the one that is the root cause of the problem. Also, for troubleshooting all the issues, you should be well versed in the parts of the antenna and cables that are involved in the mechanism.

Check the booster and wall plate in case of a bad signal.

Check-the-boosterIf your antenna is not working and you are facing signal problems, then you can opt for getting an antenna booster for your RV. A bad signal results in blurry or grainy images along with inconsistency in getting the reception for which the booster can do wonders. So if you haven’t yet gotten an antenna booster, you can one and snap it on your TV antenna. This also allows the users to watch more channels than the usual.

And if your antenna stops working, then check the wall plate or the booster first to see if it is in working mode or not. Try to fix the antenna head for getting reception and check if your TV starts working. If you are not able to get the reception by checking and fixing the wall plate or the antenna’s head, then the next step is to check other factors that can affect the working of the TV antenna.

Examine the coaxial cables when there is no signal

Examine the coaxial cablesCorroded cables or improper functioning of the coaxial cables can lead to no reception at all. For examining this factor, check the cables and look out for the sign of any miswiring or disconnection. You should also check if any cable is corroded or disconnected. Fix the cables if there is a loose contact or any problem with the wiring. You can also use a voltmeter to check if the cable is working properly. You will get a reading of 12V if the cable is working correctly.

Check the working of the wall plate

wall plate in rvSimilarly, you can also check the voltage of the wall plate. Examine the working of both these equipments and if there is no voltage in it, then you might need to replace that particular part. Having a digital multimeter of voltmeter comes handy to know if your equipment is in working condition or not. If there is an issue with the wall plate, it is better to consult a technician for a potential repair or advise on replacing it.

Fix TV antenna’s head

TV antenna on rvA common reason for the antenna that is not working or the bad reception is that its head is shortened. In such a case, you can first disconnect the antenna head and switch on the wall plate. 

What if nothing works?

Generally, the antenna stops working or has bad signals when there is either of the above-stated issues. Go through all the steps to see if you can fix it yourself. If you are unable to detect the issue, then you should consult your technician and seek help from them. There can also be an issue of the antenna amplifier if it is a faulty or not functioning at all.

Some quick tips forgetting  better reception:

  • It is better to invest in exterior antennas as they have better reception than the interior ones.
  • As mentioned, a loose connection or faulty cables are the cause of not getting a signal, so always check the parts and then make a decision.
  • If you are driving the RV, then lower it to save it from a potential accident or bumping into the trees that can also cause weak signals.

Concluding Remarks

No signal or bad signals are common if you are in the areas that have weak coverage or reception problems. So always consider the areas that you are in before completely replacing the antenna. Also, always invest in a durable antenna along with a booster to get a better quality image. Make sure that you also go through the manual the antenna comes with, to troubleshoot the problems with ease. Always keep the manual handy to solve the issues on your own. 

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